Dulead Studio is how coaching and consulting pros go from a vision imagined (or partially imagined) to a vision delivered.

Regardless of whether or not your ideas are only half-baked or you know what you want, you can make your vision a reality by assigning the heavy lifting to us. Our team of experts has worked with many coaches, consultants, and business leaders to build hundreds of unique and impactful client experiences. When it's time to build and deliver, we are here to make it happen.



We'll help you go from idea to finished product.



We'll create your prototype and then test, refine, and validate it.



We'll launch your products and support them in the wild.

Half-baked? No problem!

Many of our customers have ideas bouncing around in their heads, but they're not exactly sure what to do with them. Some of those ideas are fuzzy and not much more than a concept. If that's you, you came to the right place. We've helped folks like you go from vague concepts all the way to commercial products/services.

You know what you want. But how?

Some of our customers already have a sharp vision for what they want. The form and function have specific direction. You know what your clients need, but you're not quite sure how to execute technically, especially at scale. You're in the right place too. We've helped folks in your situation make sense of the options and then build and deliver their vision to clients.

Get started with a Shaping Session

We will use your Shaping Session to end up with a plan/design for a radically different, continuous learning and feedback program that does the heavy lifting of driving real behavior change over time. While in-person coaching and consulting sessions can drive incredible learning and changes in results, those learnings and results inevitably fade over time. Imagine instead you could supplement (or sometimes even replace) those in-person coaching programs and build something to continuously deliver, reinforce, and monitor results... that’s exactly what Dulead makes possible.

Shaping session overview

We only offer one Shaping Session per month. The July 2024 session is already gone.

Shaping Session (August 2024)

Extraordinarily helpful.


Discover ways to multiply the number of people you can impact


Develop your vision for SaaS-like scalable and repeatable revenue growth


Specify metrics that quantify and demonstrate your client's return on investment


Design creative ways to add value to your clients in between and after workshops


Transform all of your ideas into a tangible program that can be prototyped and tested


Identify potential obstacles and concerns that need to be addressed


Go beyond the limits of an online course to an experience that unfolds over time


Learn tricks, tips, and techniques to drive client participation and engagement


See how other coaches are building hybrid and automated coaching experiences

Real solutions to real problems.


How to make significant progress toward your vision without a significant amount of time


How to get your idea into the real world to poke and prod without worrying about the excruciating details


How to get enough done to make the sale without committing to the whole expense


How to add an entire design and development team to your staff without adding salaries


How to test for product/market fit without having to build the entire product

Your Shaping Session is a $5,000 consulting engagement.

The Session

Our team will guide you through our proven design process, where we begin with the end in mind by identifying all of the most outstanding outcomes needed/desired by your clients, yourself, and your staff (if you have one). We'll use our experience to create the bones of the most human experience (Yes, human! Technology is only a tool.) to take the people you want to serve to the most impactful outcomes possible as a result of experiencing your new (or reimagined) product or service.

The Write Up

This document will contain a well-written description that captures the essence of your vision in the real world. It has just enough of what's in and what's out to be able to push on it and see what what you like and what you don't. The ideas will no longer be bouncing around in your head. Instead, they will be clearly articulated and ready for your editor's pen, well past the terror of the blank page.

The Sketches

We will create rough sketches to accompany the Write Up. We promise to color outside the lines, which will *not* be straight. There's an unmistakable magic to seeing your "thing" in a rough form. The sketches purposefully avoid the blackholes of pixel perfect design and which shade of blue to use because those things steal your energy when you're trying to figure out what it should be or even if it should be. So we avoid them.

The Sales Pitch

If you're dreaming of something new, you need to find out as early as possible if there's a market for it. If you're already selling a "manual" version, you need to validate the market for the new 2.0 version. Either way, we will equip you with a sales pitch to try out with clients. If you're really good, you'll have it sold before it's even built!

The Follow Up

There's zero chance we'd do all of this and then leave you alone. We'll be invested in your success. We'll schedule a follow up to let you riff on what works and what doesn't. We'll talk it through, and then we'll make the necessary changes.

Shaping Sessions now include $3,700 of bonuses.


90 Day Trial of coachOS

$1,200 value

We'll set you up with a Design Mode trial of coachOS, including basic branding. You'll be able to use the platform as if it were your own for demo purposes, even with clients.


Customer/Client Demo

$1,000 value

We'll use your coachOS trial account to build a working demo of your product/service for use with clients. There's nothing better than letting them see/use it for themselves.


3 Pack of JTBD Interviews

$1,500 value

We believe that your clients want to make progress and they hire products/services like yours for those "jobs." We will interview 3 (potential) clients/customers to understand their stories around those jobs.

We do Shaping Sessions to share our expertise from designing programs in many different contexts, and we do them at a significant discount because we hope you will build your program on Dulead's coachOS platform, but we’re okay if you just want a bargain and end up using the design to implement the program some other way.

Shaping Sessions are $8,700 $3,500 including all bonuses!

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