Leadership loves results, not reputations.

Dulead is a leadership development solution tailored to address the problems that cause unnecessary turnover. We help you keep your people by making sure they never want to leave.

Reduce unnecessary turnover by 50% with Dulead.

Say goodbye to UNTIMELY goodbyes.

Turnover is highest when the company is running hardest. This is when leaders feel the most pressure, but they need to do their best at expressing appreciation to their teams.

Say goodbye to UNWANTED goodbyes.

Eagles will either fly with you, or elsewhere. Leaders make growth opportunities clear so the best employees see a path and pursue it.

Say goodbye to UNFORTUNATE goodbyes.

You know the feeling when good people leave because your culture fails them. Leaders work with Dulead to reverse this unnecessary dysfunction.

Say goodbye to COSTLY goodbyes.

The average separation costs employers between $20,000 to $100,000. The most prudent investment is almost always into the people you already have.

Say goodbye to PAINFUL goodbyes.

Nobody hires perfect fits 100% of the time. Leaders count on Dulead to improve the fit between any hire and any company to produce better results.

Say goodbye to BITTER goodbyes.

Sometimes things simply blow up. When they do, good leaders can demonstrate a record of effort, equality in coaching, and integrity in process to play defense.

People want a career-making leader and a career-defining organization.

People stay to work for great managers in great organizations.

Great managers improve retention

  • Lead courageously
  • Show appreciation regularly
  • Multiply, not micromanage
  • Treat people with empathy
  • Provide helpful feedback

Great organizations improve retention

  • Provide growth opportunities
  • Promote healthly work/life balance
  • Help people find the right role
  • Offer desirable pay and benefits
  • Build a healthy organization culture


Dulead makes a big impact on companies just like yours

  • Reduced 7-year high turnover by 36% in the first year
  • Less than 5% new hire turnover in 30 days
  • 10% Average increase in employee rating of 11 engagement indicators in just 3 months
  • 4.89 Stars employee rating of micro-coaching offered
  • 90%+ employee participation

"We have learned that there are blind spots or areas of opportunity we either had a false sense of security in or were failing to see. To be able to pinpoint some of those areas has been helpful from a leadership perspective in order to continue building and fostering a stronger positive workplace culture."

Derek G. SPRY Brands

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