Say goodbye to expensive goodbyes.

Dulead serves as your Virtual Director of Leadership & Development to continuously solve the problems that cause unnecessary turnover. We help you keep your people by making sure they never want to leave.

Reduce unnecessary turnover by 50% in just 15 minutes per week!

People stay to work for great managers in great organizations

Great managers improve retention

  • Lead courageously
  • Show appreciation regularly
  • Multiply, not micromanage
  • Treat people with empathy
  • Provide helpful feedback

Great organizations improve retention

  • Provide growth opportunities
  • Promote healthly work/life balance
  • Help people find the right role
  • Offer desirable pay and benefits
  • Build a healthy organization culture

Stop spending $20,000, $50,000, even $100,000+ per separation.


Dulead makes a big impact on companies just like yours

  • Reduced 7-year high turnover by 36% in the first year
  • Less than 5% new hire turnover in 30 days
  • 10% Average increase in employee rating of 11 engagement indicators in just 3 months
  • 4.89 Stars employee rating of micro-coaching offered
  • 90%+ employee participation

"We have learned that there are blind spots or areas of opportunity we either had a false sense of security in or were failing to see. To be able to pinpoint some of those areas has been helpful from a leadership perspective in order to continue building and fostering a stronger positive workplace culture."

Derek G. SPRY Brands

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