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From reaching thousands of new people to generating six figures of revenue, we've helped some amazing people have an amazing impact! Our customers understand how the world has been changing and how these changes were accelerated when we faced the consequences of a global pandemic. 91% of businesses are committed to a digital transformation strategy, and 79% of their budgets for online learning and development are going up (even when other areas are being reduced). This is the future of coaching and consulting. With Dulead, it can be your present too, and you can get started with our Studio.

Case Study #1 - Consulting Firm

Process automation for a consulting business.

The problem / opportunity

Brian V. chose Dulead to help his consulting firm automate several processes they used to do by hand. The largest was a comprehensive organizational health assessment, which they had perfected by running more than 75 times over fifteen years. It worked, but there were problems with the old approach... The process was highly labor-intensive and very expensive. Their framework and model had evolved, and it was difficult to make sure everyone was using the latest version. The assessment data was written down in notebooks and difficult, at best, to access. In addition, they wanted to begin a one-on-one coaching practice with many coaches working with many clients and needed a way to keep track of everything from the sessions to the interactions with clients.

The solution

Dulead provided coachOS to deploy their custom client-facing web app and digital experiences. We built custom Automated Client Experiences (ACEs) for the re-imagined organizational health assessment to be a repeatable and scalable process. Consultants are freed to spend their time on the most human components of the process, which includes getting to the underlying truths and causes of the now automatically-gathered survey inputs. In fact, no one has to worry about or oversee the process because coachOS now owns it, prompts people when it's time to act, and automatically reports on progress. Consultant hours are reduced yet more effective, and everyone from internal staff to all of the client constituencies has a more delightful and less disruptive experience. For their new one-on-one coaching practice, we built a new client onboarding experience and a repeatable process to handle prep before, notes during, and follow up after each coaching session. Clients can request and pay for sessions, or they can start a subscription to continuous coaching. Coaches or admin people can schedule sessions. Everyone can see their progress on personal dashboards.

Case Study #2 - Independent Coach

Launch a new business and product with an independent coach/consultant.

The problem / opportunity

Todd G. chose Dulead to partner together on a completely new venture to serve youth sports teams, including their coaches, the athletes, and even their families. As a highly sought-after keynote speaker and consultant to NCAA Division 1 revenue-sports coaching staffs and athletic departments, he had a passion to bring his heart-based character development model to teams everywhere, but a typical high school or youth club can't afford to fly him in for a day or two. Even if they could, he has to leave eventually, and he would do so feeling less and less satisfied. Yes, he made an inspirational impact, but he wondered how long the inspiration actually lasts and whether or not he was able to make a transformational impact. Todd loves to say, "character development is a process that requires intentional, consistent engagement." So the question was: How can we build a character development program that runs throughout the whole season but also make it so easy to use and accessible that people won't even have to think about it? We simply could not give coaches (most of whom are paid very little or are unpaid volunteers) the job of managing a character development program. That's just not going to fly, even if the vast majority of them got into youth coaching because they want to have a positive impact the young people's lives.

The solution

Dulead co-founded a new business called Character Amp with Todd and designed, built, and launched its flagship product CHAMP Elite, the assistant coach for character development in youth sports. The product is run on the coachOS platform and lets Todd join the team to focus on a new character-building topic each week through personalized videos for the coaches, the athletes, and their families, along with his famous WAB Workouts (exercises for your words, attitudes, and behaviors), a challenge to Level Up, and CHAMP Awards where athletes nominate their teammates that set the best example for how to live the week's character development topic. The experience is delivered automatically to each participant via text message or email, and everyone engages with the content and challenges when it works best for them. Each season, the typical team adds 40 hours of character development without anyone feeling like they've done any extra work. This product has allowed Todd to impact thousands of people with his life-giving and heart-building message that he wouldn't have been able to reach otherwise.

Case Study #3 - Small/Medium Business

Improve employee experiences at a professional services firm.

The problem / opportunity

Nancy S. chose Dulead to help with various employee experiences, including coaching for professional development, checking up on folks during their busiest and most stressful seasons, and running their formal evaluation and feedback processes. Like many companies, these things were always important but suffered from everyone needing to do more urgent work, sometimes not getting done at all or not as effectively as they wanted. She needed help to deliver on their commitment to invest in their people. She needed someone to understand their leadership team's vision and help them execute continuously over time. Their commitment to their people was for the long term. This wasn't a one-off project; so the solution had to match.

The solution

Dulead provided the coachOS platform to serve as their internal company web app and automate their employee experience processes. We helped them build custom micro-coaching on key priority leadership and communication topics and even got them certified for CPE (continuing professional education) credits. We built processes to continuously reinforce their company values by capturing stories from employees and sharing them throughout the organization. We built employee experiences to help deal with the stress of their busy season, and we built their formal evaluation system to run automatically, including delivering all of the results and prompting all of their one-on-one meetings. As a result, they have followed through on their commitments to developing their employees, captured some amazing stories, and grown their company culture in ways that simply weren't possible before.

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