We started Dulead to find the best ways to use technology to help people grow as leaders. Our team is made up of experts in organization health, strategy, and operations, along with software design, development, and delivery. We're passionate about great leadership and "invisible technology." Our mission is to help you to amplify the best parts of your culture and leadership so that your organization performs like never before.


    In the next 3 years, we will help to unleash the potential of 100,000 people at work.


    We will help you amplify the best parts of your culture and leadership so that your organization performs like never before.


    1. Relationships - We build relationships because people matter to us the most
    2. Stewardship - We pursue stewardship because our employees, customers, and all other stake-holders deserve nothing less than our best care for their investments of time and treasure

    In the event we must choose how to think or behave in a situation where our core values are competing with each other, they are listed in order on purpose. We will choose relationships first.


    Do you wonder why we only have 2 core values?

    It's an excellent question, and we're happy to explain. True core values are actually rare. They must be genuine and already exist in an organization. They don't change over time, and we must be willing to lose money and/or people over them. Plus, it's really important that they are not confused with other types of values.

    We certainly value integrity, character, and respect for other people, but honestly... who doesn't? These values don't differentiate us. They are more like table-stakes. Without them, you wouldn't trust us enough to hire us to help your organization.

    Additionally, we want to grow and improve ourselves and our organization. To that end, we greatly value design and impact. Right now, these are values we aspire to authentically be in our core in the future. We're working on them every day.


    Our approach to learning and development in your organization is pretty unique. It's based on some core beliefs we have about how we can compliment some things you already do and begin to do some things you've probably wanted to do but couldn't. Check them out below...

    Continuous - We believe in continuous growth. The old approach of episodes (hot for a moment and then gone forever) is no longer sufficient. So in a world full of "microwave" answers, we prefer "barbecue" approach to development.

    In-context - We believe your reality matters. The best content in the world is useless until it’s applied to your everyday life. So we deliver world-class leadership content right where the rubber meets the road.

    Measurable - We want to make an impact on people’s lives, and we believe we have a responsibility to demonstrate that it has happened. So we measure performance over time.

    Development - We believe people change/grow for their own reasons. Not ours. Not even their manager’s or organization’s. We accept this, and it informs our approach to coaching.

    Experience feedback - We believe (based on many scientific studies) people aren’t that great at rating other people, but they do an excellent job describing their own experiences. So we stick to feedback based on experiences.

    Light-weight - We believe you’re busy enough. In fact, we think you’d probably laugh at us if we asked if you have any extra time. To respect your time, we keep things light-weight. Most interactions are just a couple minutes.

    Invisible technology - We believe you shouldn’t have to do anything to use our software. So there are no apps, no passwords, and no downloads. In fact, there’s no overhead of any kind. It just works. It might feel like magic, but believe us - it's not.

    Attributed feedback - We believe that the growth of people in an organization is delayed, if not prevented entirely, by hiding who said what. So most feedback is attributed to the person that gave it. It’s simply necessary to move the needle in an organization. Of course, there are certain situations where it's anonymized, but we don't spend much of our time on that kind of feedback.

    Don't worry! This doesn't prevent engagement. Most of our clients see 100% participation.

    Content source agnostic - We believe that the best, most relevant principles might come from anywhere. So we go get it, wherever it is, and deliver it to you, wherever you are.