Whether you acknowledge it or not, the health of your organization drives your bottom line



As an employer, you will attract and retain the best employees when you invest in their development. Unemployment is historically low, and people have many options for where to spend their time and use their talents. Why will they choose your organization?

With your customers, you will delight customers that are increasingly driven by the non-financial purpose of an organization with continuously growing employees that serve them well.

Impact THE Bottom-line

Retention is improved when you invest in people to help them grow. While people might join companies, they usually leave their managers. It simply costs too much to lose great people. Research shows that it costs approximately 2.5x an annual salary to truly replace someone.

The ROI case might seem too good to be true to the skeptics, but it's real. The results of rigorous research are clear and compelling. Gallup has studied these topics with more than 25M employee surveys and determined a shocking difference between top and bottom quartile companies.

  • 21% Higher profitability

  • 59% Lower turnover

  • 20% More sales productivity

  • 70% Fewer safety incidents


Tremendous momentum will be built by sharing success stories over time. It's even more powerful when done broadly with your entire organization. When you fan the flames of your organization's true heart, wonderfully surprising things almost always happen.

There is greatness just waiting to be identified and unleashed throughout your organization. Your amplifier will undoubtedly help you find it in some of the most unexpected places. Emerging leaders. Hidden talents. Remarkable hearts. They will all be emboldened.

Continuous attention on the true heart of your organization works like osmosis to take the aspirational version of your Culture and Leadership from words on a website or a poster in your conference room and make them stick in the context of everyone's daily whirlwind.