Values Amplifier - Large Organization Annually ($6/person/month = $72/person/year; Qty must be at least 151)


Amplify Core Values

  • Annual subscription for organizations with at least 151 people

  • $6/person/month = $72/person/year

1. Objective

The Values Amplifier will operationalize your Core Values throughout your organization. This means that you will have an automatic, continuous, repeatable, and scalable process to assure your most aspirational values are being lived out in the daily lives of your employees.

2. Plan

We get started from wherever you are. You might not have clearly articulated Values, or these things might already be well-established. You could be anywhere in between. Our job is to help you get those words (that represent your heart) off the page/website/poster and into the daily lives of your people by identifying the observable behaviors (for both individuals and teams) that mean your values are being lived-out the right way.

3. Execution

With this clear direction, we will activate your organization’s amplifier. It will push the observable behaviors to your people via text message or email on a regular basis. They will be continuously reminded of what’s important and have the opportunity to provide feedback on how they saw them in action. Additionally, your amplifier will provide micro-learning opportunities with content from world-class experts.

4. Results

Your people will have their top-of-mind attention focused on your most aspirational values. You will receive regular feedback from your operationalized values. Most likely, your favorite result will be the priceless stories that come from your people, acting in a genuine way to live out your culture as they interact with one another, customers, and suppliers.

5. Impact

You will grow your brand as an employer. People were created to serve a purpose bigger than themselves, and many of them want to connect their purpose to the work they do every day.

You will impact your bottom line. How much? We cannot be sure. You can imagine how things would be different if your most aspirational culture were truly operationalized. Put a number on it. If it’s not 10x the investment in your amplifier, please move on.

You will unleash potential in your organization, and you will build tremendous momentum as you capture the stories and feed them back into your organization. People will be inspired to contribute, as a virtuous cycle is created.

Immediately following checkout…

We will assign one of our coaches to serve as your guide to configure and activate your Values Amplifier. The process usually takes 5-10 hours over a couple of weeks. We recommend you designate a point person for effective communication.

Don’t worry! We will own the process and work with you to assure you’re setup for success.

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