How it Works


Have you ever wished you could wire your heart directly into your organization?

Now you can actually do it with Dulead. Begin with the things that matter most to you, your culture and leadership, and strengthen them with an Organization Amplifier that runs like magic without any disruptions to your business.


Does the whirlwind of the day-to-day compete with your passion to build your Organization?

An Organization Amplifier is your superpower to handle your daily responsibilities and intentionally build your organization without losing your mind. It automatically runs on our Invisible Technology.

We use it to deliver real life coaching experiences to anyone and everyone in your organization. Everything is pushed via text message or email. Interactions are brief (from 30 seconds to a couple minutes) and designed for engagement (many see 100% participation).

Each coaching experience is designed with a very specific human outcome in mind. They include world-class content, our One-Touch feedback loops, social interactions, and even physical objects (shhh, we want to surprise you with some things).


What would happen if everyone truly lived the heart of your organization?

Your Organization Amplifier is an automatic, repeatable, and scalable process to help your people grow the culture and leadership of your organization because these are the two most important levers of influence available.

Each amplifier is designed with a clear objective, has a detailed timeline plan, is continuously executed while measuring the results along the way. Finally, the impact is collected and fed-forward into the entire organization to build momentum over time.

Check out the Culture Amplifier and the Leadership Amplifier for specific details about each.