Employee Essentials+ is $1,999/month, flat

If you need to identify and solve the top causes of turnover in real time, this is the plan for you and your team. It includes every feature we offer, up to 500 people (we hate per-user fees) and our outstanding concierge service.

Virtual Director

Delegate responsibility

Employee NPS+

Improve leading indicators


Celebrate your people


Help people grow

Growth Plans

Achieve vital goals

Organization Pulse

Understand experience

CUSTOM Culture Onboarding

Onboard to your unique culture DNA

CUSTOM Surveys & Assessments

Focus on any area where progress is needed

CUSTOM Check-ins & 1:1s

Use your own forms, process, and procedure

CONCIERGE Consulting, Setup & Support

Rely on our expertise and full program management


Save BIG with Dulead!

Dulead replaces a bunch of other tools so you can simplify and save a bundle. See how our all-in-one, fixed price compares to bundling several other disconnected apps.


Employee Essentials+ $1,999/month for up to 500 people.

Employee engagement assessments

Employee recognition

Leadership development

Culture onboarding

Growth plans

Core values reinforcement

Pulse surveys

Performance reviews & 1:1s

2 Hours of personalized, expert consulting

$1,999/month, flat.

Grow all the way to 500 people, still $1,999/month total

For more than 500 people, we'll create a custom plan just for you.

Gallup: Employee engagement surveys

$5/month per user

Motivosity: Employee recognition

$3/month per user

WildSparq: Leadership development

$35/month per user

GoCo: Culture onboarding

$5/month per user

Goalscape: Growth plans

$6/month per user

Surge9: Core values reinforcement

$3/month per user

TinyPulse: Pulse surveys

$5/month per user

15five: Performance reviews & 1:1s

$14/month per user

$3,800/month for 50 people;

$7,600/month for 100; $38,000/month for 500

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