Continuously Growing People

We want to see people grow to become the best version of themselves. This is what animates and motivates us each and every day.

We started Dulead to find the best ways to use technology to help people grow, continuously. Our team is made up of experts in organization health, strategy, and operations, along with software design, development, and delivery. We're passionate about great leadership and "invisible technology." We love small business owners, probably because that’s who we are, it’s what we know and what we’re passionate about. We know that small business owners are pulled in a million directions (or at least it seems like it). We know they just don’t have time to do everything they wish they could do. Often times, that means things slip because they’re not urgent. We get it. That’s why we’re here to help with leadership & development. This is one of those areas with outsized results - extremely painful when things go wrong and extremely joyful when things go right. It can’t be ignored, yet it never feels like the top priority. Until it is. When a top employee decides to walk away. When a crisis hits. When an amazing customer opportunity simply cannot be squandered. Leadership matters. Development matters. With Dulead, you and your executive team are no longer alone.

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Dulead Core Values

  • Build relationships: We build relationships because people matter most to us.
  • Pursue stewardship: We pursue stewardship because our employees, customers, and all other stake-holders deserve nothing less than our best care for their investments of time and treasure.

In the event we must choose how to think or behave in a situation where our core values are competing with each other, they are listed in order on purpose. We will choose relationships first.

Do you wonder why we only have 2 core values?

It's an excellent question, and we're happy to explain. True core values are actually rare. They must be genuine and already exist in an organization. They don't change over time, and we must be willing to lose money and/or people over them. Plus, it's really important that they are not confused with other types of values.

We certainly value integrity, character, and respect for other people, but honestly... who doesn't? These values don't differentiate us. They are more like table-stakes. Without them, you wouldn't trust us enough to hire us to help your organization.

Additionally, we want to grow and improve ourselves and our organization. To that end, we greatly value Clarity. Right now, Clarity is a value we aspire to authentically have at the core of who we are, and we're working on it every day.

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