Dulead reduces unnecessary turnover by preventing it in the first place.

Not only does Dulead help with retention basics, we provide all of the essential tools and experiences to address the top causes of turnover.

Your Virtual Director of Leadership & Development

Everything you need in a great assistant plus much, much more

Reducing turnover requires intentional, consistent effort. Most business leaders don't have enough time to do what it takes because they have so many other responsibilities. Dulead serves as your Virtual Director of Leadership & Development, precisely designed for you to be in control of your employee experiences but delegate responsibility for getting them done. Even though we built our coaching software platform to handle the job virtually, you'll always have access to our very-real team of organization leadership and culture experts. Plus, you'll have a dashboard that lets you know what's going on and provides powerful insight to help you skate to where the puck is going.

Turnover causes addressed

Ineffective managers

Lack of growth opportunities

Feel overworked

Don't feel appreciated

Don't get helpful feedback


Not the right fit for the role

Lack of pay or benefits

Feel mistreated

Toxic culture

Reasons for peace of mind




Maintain control

Delegate responsibility

Work happens while you sleep

Expert help available

Employee NPS+

Improve the leading indicator of turnover

Your company's Employee Net Promotor Score is the single most important leading indicator of future unnecessary turnover. Dulead calculates it for you automatically each quarter, while also anonymously identifying the primary reasons employees are promotors or detractors. Then our powerful software deploys the appropriate experiences to build on success and correct for shortfalls.


Celebrate your people

The #1 request employees have at work is to be appreciated. Yes, they want appreciation more than a pay raise! People need to be seen. Dulead captures stories to celebrate your culture champions. A regular cadence of nomination and sharing stories builds tremendous momentum and allows people to shine while providing a continuous and powerful demonstration of the culture you aspire to build at your company.


Help people become their best

Dulead uses the power of light-weight touches accumulating over time to make a big difference in the responsibilities of effective managers, but even more importantly, we provide coaching for the heart of effective leaders. At our core, Dulead is a coaching company with experiences for everyone in the organization, and each is designed to help people take their next step to becoming the best version of themselves.

Culture Onboarding

Wow new hires with rich experiences

Most employee onboarding begins with the best intentions, yet too often it succumbs to the whirlwind of "real life." Dulead helps you onboard for retention with regular check-ins for feedback on how things are going, telling the stories that help people truly understand the company culture, and making sure managers get an accurate sense of a new hire's progress and engagement.

Growth Plans

Achieve your most important goals

Dulead helps your people pursue their most important goals, whether they're work-related or one of several other categories of life goals. They start with a motivating purpose, set a time-bound goal, identify the activities that must be repeated to actually accomplish the goal, and keep track of next steps. We automatically check-in with micro-coaching, reminders, and help keep track of progress while even helping them see what it will take to catch up if they ever fall behind.

Organization Pulse

Understand employee experience

Just like a doctor takes basic measurements to understand a patient's health, Dulead takes basic measurements of your company's health automatically and painlessly. In addition to Employee NPS+, these are indicators of the leadership team's cohesion, the clarity of expectations, the presence of clear communication, and the reinforcement of all of these. The result is open lines of communication where employees feel heard, relationships are built, and you have lots of fun.

Lightweight Participation

Participate with one touch when it's most convenient for you

Everyone is busy. Really busy. Dulead is designed to meet your people where they are, whenever it's most convenient for them. Since our employee experiences unfold over time, people can get to it when they get to it without worry or concern. Your experience is "non-invasive," but don't worry - if something needs to be completed, we will follow up automatically. It's the most powerful yet simple experience possible. No apps or logins required!

"Dulead is a tremendous value!"

Jeff W, CEO (35 employees and happy customer)

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