The world needs more Monty Williams

Published by Eric Hiler on July 21, 2021

Phoenix Suns Head Coach Monty Williams is universally loved in NBA circles (or at least as far as I can tell). Why? His story is remarkable. He's lived through unthinkable tragedy when his wife was killed in a car accident. How could your heart not break for him and his children? It's more than that. It's his leadership. It's his genuine love for his players, coaching staff, and all of those around him. It's his heart.

Specifically, Monty Williams is an authentically humble man, and I don't know if there's any better example than the 15 seconds video clip above. Having just lost Game 6 of the NBA Finals, he described a searing pain that he just didn't know how to process yet. However, in that moment of profound professional disappointment, Monty Williams made his way to the Bucks locker room to congratulate his opponent. 

"I don't want to take away from... I just wanted to come congratulate you guys and mainly coach. You guys deserved it. I'm thankful for the experience. You guys made me a better coach. You made us a better team. Congratulations."

Can you imagine the having the humility of this man at the equivalent moment of your life? You don't just show up with it. It requires a lifetime of practice, failures and successes. It's worth it. It's so very much worth it.

You are a giant in my eyes, coach. The world needs more Monty Williams.